Final Public Meeting

The Board of Supervisors meeting will be held at:
	Santa Clara County
	Board of Supervisors Chamber
	70 West Hedding St.
	San Jose, CA 95110

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

2:00 pm April 7, 2009

The Board of Supervisors will take up the SDS at its regular meeting on April 7. The Board may approve the SDS or take such other actions as it chooses.

The board could ask for additional study for consideration, but if the board approves the SDS, this will conclude the public process.

Important Related Documents

Palo Alto City Letter 2/11/2009

San Mateo City Letter 2/12/2009

Santa Clara County Staff Report 3/19/2009

The City of Palo Alto and the County of San Mateo held public meetings on the SDS. Letters from these jurisdictions provide comments, suggestions, and recommendations to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The Santa Clara County Planning Department analyzed the Palo Alto and San Mateo County letters, and prepared and distributed its staff report, which summarizes the history of the SDS, the approval process so far, provides recommendations to the Board, and responds to points raised by Palo Alto and San Mateo County.

Slides Prepared By Santa Clara County Planning Office

SCC Planning Office Slides

This is a copy of slides used in a presentation that County Planning Staff made to a meeting of the Housing, Land Use, Environment, and Transportation (HLUET) Committee of the Board of Supervisors at the HLUET meeting of March 19. The HLUET Committee listened to a report on the SDS and to public comments before referring the SDS, without recommendation, to the Board of Supervisors. The SDS will now be considered by the Board of Supervisors at its meeting of April 7. These slides are part of the public record for the HLUET meeting, and were provided when requested. The Board of Supervisors Agenda for April 7 is posted at the Santa Clara County website (click here). The SDS issue will be heard by the Board at 2pm..