FAQ and Other Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (November 2008)

This basic document was prepared by Stanford after the SDS had been deemed adequate by the Santa Clara County Planning Commission. County staff reviewed the FAQ before it was put into final form, and the County has posted the FAQ on the County's website. The FAQ answers many questions about the background and the content of the SDS.

Stanford University Sustainable Development Study (SDS)

(Cover says December 2008, which was the month in which it was expected to be approved. The SDS was distributed on November 5, 2008)

This a downloadable pdf of the entire, published, 237-page SDS. This is the complete document that is before the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors awaiting consideration and seeking approval. The first page in the SDS is a memorandum from the County’s Director of Planning reporting that the County Planning Staff has deemed the SDS adequate.

Executive Summary of the SDS

(Same date as SDS)

For those who are too busy to read the entire SDS, this Executive Summary of the SDS provides an 8-page overview of the full study. This separately published Executive Summary is also verbatim chapter one of the full SDS.